12 Quality House Essentials You Need

Lux Deco

When considering a well-furnished home, there are a few foundational pieces that are absolutely essential. They are those quality house essentials that you’ll have forever – the pieces that will see you through all the moves, through the good times and bad. Those pieces you probably unpack first. Those pieces that are not only timeless but allow a home to function properly. (Let’s face it – you may be able to survive without your side tables for a week but take away your sofa and you’ve got everyone sitting Japanese seiza-style on the floor.) They’re the reliable ones you’ll return to when just about nothing else fits.

Because they’ll undoubtedly be with you for a long time, these are also pieces to take your time in choosing. Ponder how their style and function will endure the different chapters of your life (singledom, marriage, kids, pets, etc.) and always, always err on the side of quality. As they say, “buy cheap, buy twice”. Quality will always be worth the investment.

We love the enduring appeal of this home (right) featuring quality architectural detailing by Millier. By combining a timeless colour palette, chic composition and proven furniture silhouettes, it epitomises a timeless home.

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