21 Amazing Kitchen Ideas

Lux Deco

The kitchen has been called the heart of the home for as long as anyone can remember. The utilitarian room is where newly arrived family members gather before being reluctantly ordered out by the self-proclaimed family chef, where children spend the pre-dinner homework hour and where girlfriends gossip into the wee hours of the morning over a tub of ice cream (or is that only in movies?). Whatever it is to a home, the importance of a well-designed kitchen is obvious.


Taking its colour palette from stainless steel – the eternal kitchen mainstay – this design by Millier offers the ultimate bachelor-pad aesthetic. Everything but quality is pared back. Essentials are tidied away into a neat configuration of handle-less (so as not to ruin the slickness) cupboards, a brushed metal backsplash houses floating cabinetry and all appliances are sunken, flush with the surface. Even the upholstered are perfectly understated. Grey on grey on grey never looked so good.

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