8 Ways Covid-19 Is Shaping Design Trends


We’ll be seeing a more creative approach to increasing storage at home from now on. Millier‘s creative directors Alexandra Nord and Helen Westlake explain: “With young children, although a dedicated playroom might sound ideal, in reality toys regularly migrate from room to room. Our clients are realising this and taking the opportunity to consider storage and joinery very carefully within their interiors. Low level storage units in multiple rooms – ottoman style furniture, sideboards and cabinets – means games and toys can be quickly tidied away at the end of the day without creating extra work for tired parents.”

Kitchens will become the absolute heart of the home, more than ever before. We have been facing a ‘full house’ every evening of the week and really have to make the most of our living and dining spaces, especially the kitchen. “Open kitchens will be the heart of the home again, and the room used most frequently, so the importance of layout and large windows will be key, not only for natural light but for natural ventilation and view,” explain Millier‘s creative directors.  “We are already seeing more demand for larger kitchen islands with integrated seating, as well as integrated banquette seating and desk areas within kitchens. These spaces now need to be multi-functional for eating, entertaining, kids’ homework or zoom calls.”

‘A private exercise space has always been an important consideration in many of the homes we design, but lockdown has certainly placed more emphasis on specific features within a home gym over others. For example, virtual training sessions have soared during this time, which means a good screen (which can be hidden away) is essential and excellent speakers are even more important for online personal training sessions, classes such as Peloton, and exercising with friends online,’ Millier’s creative directors revealed.

“We are currently designing a basement gym for one of our clients who has amended the brief to have more access to fresh air and natural light. An entire side wall of the room is glazed and can be completely opened up into a light well with a green wall, a water feature and ample fresh air. It is a great way to make a basement gym space feel light, healthy and connected with nature and the outside world which is essential as we are now spending most of our time at home.”

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